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Bonding is the procedure that replaces a portion of the tooth structure with a tooth colored material named Composite. Drs. Hawkins reshapes the tooth surface or eliminates decay and applies the material to fill the tooth. The composite material replaces the original tooth structure. Drs. Hawkins perform this procedure with excellent results. They use the latest in technology called Nanocomposites creating a perfect blend between the bonding material and the tooth. The result is a virtually undetectable restorations.

The color is an important factor to obtain good results Nanocomposites have a range of shades, so if you wish to whiten your teeth before bonding, Drs. Hawkins will be able to match the new, lighter shade of your teeth. Nanocomposites are stronger. This is important when replacing amalgam (silver) fillings in posterior teeth.

This procedure usually takes one dental visit. After the application of local anesthesia, Drs. Hawkins prepares the tooth or removes the existing silver filling. They then apply a liquid that allows the bonding material to attach into the surface of the tooth, and then apply the Nanocomposite, sculpting it to reproduce the natural shape and function of a natural tooth. The setting of the material is activated with a light. The final recontouring and polishing is then done.