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Porcelain Lumineers

This is one of the procedures that can transform your smile permanently.
We perform this procedure when our patients want a permanent stain-resistant and less susceptible to fracture material.

  • Lumineers is a Cosmetic Solution when teeth are discolored, fractured (chipped) or misaligned.
  • Lumineers are porcelain shells that can be made as thin as a contact lens, are placed over existing teeth and in some situations it is not necessary to remove tooth structure. This is one of the reasons we prefer this procedure over traditional porcelain veneers.
  • Lumineers are an alternative to braces, they provide instant teeth straightening “instant orthodontics”.
  • Lumineers can provide permanent whitening.

In the majority of the cases it is not necessary to apply anesthetic, the procedure is pain free.

  • Lumineers restore and give strength to the natural teeth, they can be placed over crowns or over existing bridges rejuvenating old restorations.

This procedure usually takes from two to four dental visits to our Riverside Office.

On the first visit you and Drs. Hawkins discuss the procedure and both choose the shape and color of the Lumineers. Drs. Hawkins apply a try in material on the surface of your teeth, “mock up”, to give an idea of the design of the Lumineers.
In the following visit Drs. Hawkins reshape the surface of your teeth if necessary, usually there is not a need to use any anesthetic. In most of the cases it is not necessary for any tooth removal. Once the teeth are ready, Drs. Hawkins take a mold of the teeth and send this mold to the Lumineer laboratory who specializes in the fabrication of these porcelain shells. The lab takes 3 weeks to fabricate the custom porcelain Lumineers.
Once the Lumineers have returned from the lab, a third visit to our office is needed for the placement of the Lumineers. Drs. Hawkins carefully adhere the lumineers on the surface of your teeth with a permanent bonding material. The final visit is for the removal of any bonding excess and polishing of the Lumineers.

The Porcelain Lumineers Drs. Hawkins place in the Riverside office are state of the art restorations and the cosmetic results, as well as the durability and strength are very difficult to obtain with any other materials.
Lumineers are proven to last for 20 years.

It takes skill and experience to create outstanding results and Drs. Hawkins have both.

This procedure is conservative since it requires minimal or no removal of the tooth original surface. The results are achieved in a few weeks and you can expect straighter, whiter and more even teeth.

Lumineers are strong. They should be cared for in the same way as natural teeth, this includes daily brushing, flossing and regular check ups.

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